• Low Start-Up Costs: 

No minimum purchase levels or any requirement to purchase sales or business tools. 

  • 100% refund

plus shipping cost, on all unsold products purchased in the prior 12 months if membership is cancelled for any reason 

  • Clear Business Information: 

Easy to understand, accurate business information relating to potential income, and realistic expectations of your business opportunity. 

  • Money-Back Guarantee: 

100% refund on Herbalife Nutrition Member Pack if membership is cancelled for any reason within 90 days. 


We strive to craft the finest nutrition products on the market, with the highest quality ingredients, to help our customers achieve their wellness goals. The cornerstone of Herbalife Nutrition’s international reputation is a line of quality products. 

As a Herbalife Nutrition Independent Member, you’ll be retailing products, developed by world-renowned scientists. People love our products because they work.