“Change your mindset, change your life!”

Hello Everyone! I am Nikolas Antoniou,  a personal wellness coach (Herbalife Nutrition Independent Member).
At the age of 20 I was 100 kg. I tried to make a very restrictive diet, my weight dropped quite a bit, and at the same time I lost a lot of muscle mass. I was exhausted with no result.
I started the HERBALIFE NUTRITION and in combination with fitness, I managed to achieve my goals! I changed my nutrition habits and in 3 months I was able to reduce my fat considerably. I gained tremendous energy, increased my muscle mass, stretched my abdomen and a better lifestyle. This experience changed my life. Health and wellness is now a way of life.
Through this page, I look forward to help those who want a better lifestyle and together to achieve their goal of a healthy and quality lifestyle! I would love to be with you on this journey!

I hope you enjoy the NutriLab24 and I look forward to connecting with you all!

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